Foaming Hand Soap


I love saving money! Cutting on house hold cleaning supplies is one of the cheapest ways I’ve found to cut back. My family loves foaming hand soap, especially my little girl who loves to wash her hands all day and play in it. Foam soap is a great way to get little ones to learn to love washing hands because it makes it fun. Although its not really fun on the wallet! Going to the store without coupons can run you about $3.50. A girl I work with told me about this little trick and I love it and have been doing it for a few years now. It saves me so much money and it honesty is super quick and easy.

What You Will Need

~ Liquid hand soap ( use coupons and go buy antibacterial soap, Iv even used dawn before which works) don’t use creamy or thick ones, only clear. Now you can also use non scented soap and add a couple drops of essential oils, that’s good too.

~ One empty foaming dispenser left over from your last purchase or ask friends and family for their left overs if they throw them away. Its honestly just the dispenser that makes it foam 😉


What You Will Do

~ I fill my empty dispenser bottle with about one inch of liquid hand soap (you can use more or less, Iv done both)

~ Fill the rest up with just tap water

~ Swirl it around, tilt it up and down but just don’t shake it!


Give it a couple pumps and Voila! Your done! That’s it! Its that simple and cheap to make your very own foam soap! A lot easier than you thought huh?

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