Hey everyone I’m Melissa. I’m a full-time wife, mom and pharmacy technician. I have many interest. I have a passion for living frugal and traveling and hope to share many great tips about saving money, parenting, DIY and traveling. I admit I’m not the best cook so what recipes you will see are quick and easy. I’m so grateful you stopped by to check out my new blog! I married my wonderful high school sweetheart Jason who I have been with for almost 15 years (going on 10 married) and we are blessed with two beautiful girls. Madalynn age 4 going on 16 and Olivia 1. They are a handful but they are my everything! Everyone has a story and mine for the most part is pretty ordinary but one thing is my life has always been about pinching penny’s but having the most fun out of life. Stretching the dollar to the max so that my family can go on vacation and explore the world all with living within our means (most of the time). Yes there were a couple times we relied on those credit cards a little too much and that is why we recently have decided to do the Dave Ramsey Total Make-Over. So far we have completed step one and now working on our snowball which have already paid 6k off!!! So Keep up with our results!! Its not easy but living frugal its possible to do much more with life than you can ever imagine.

Contact for any additional information

email: mumblingmel@aol.com

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